Why, hello there.

Born in Washington State in the early years of the 1970’s, Eleri Hamilton has been a denizen of the Pacific Northwest ever since. She is a woman of varied talents, having worked as a florist, an actress, a doula, and a salad bar attendant; as well as working and running conventions, planning events, developing puzzles and games, writing, making things, doing website and graphic design, painting and generally juggling more things than she really needs to be!

She can usually be found herding cats, teaching Birthing From Within childbirth education classes, reading and/or generally being awesome; all while living in an oft discombobulated home north of Seattle, WA that she shares with her spouse, one of her kids, and a menagerie of pets.

Yup. That would be me.

I grew up in a house full of books, and spent my childhood reading and doing theater, so the love of storytelling soaked into my bones early. Now I find ways to let my storytelling bones sing out.

I write. Not in the All The Writers Workshops, OMG Another Rejection Slip sense- I’m not aspiring to be a professional writer, those people have way more gumption than me!  I have stories (usually of the SF/F type) in my head, and they want to come out, so I open up a word processor program and I start writing.

I tell stories in the oral tradition. Oral storytelling is, in some areas, a lost art. The weave and flow of the words, the cadence and pitch of your voice, drawing in your listeners so that the story finds them on a personal level- so that they can see themselves reflected in what you are saying.

I do voice work. I read existing stories and scripts, I embody characters that will only be heard, or seen through digital media.

Now, being a childbirth educator is not a particularly lucrative or self-sustaining career, as much as I love doing it. And, while I am blessed with a spousal income that keeps a roof over our heads and food in our belly, things still get snug. Add in that my physical health renders me unable to hold down a Real Job (and our society is being stubborn about Universal Basic Income), and it means I sometimes feel like an noncontributing member of the household.

Thus (after wresting with “I’m not a REAL writer/storyteller/voice actor, why would people pay ME” internal judgement BS), I created a Patreon, and started posting my stuff there. And then Patreon went and changed their model so that the people who were being generous to me, got shafted more.  BLAGH! Bad techbros! Bad!

It just wasn’t worth it to me to keep wrestling with that system, when I didn’t have a huge number of backers, and they were all of the monthly amount that was getting hurt by the new fees. So I have moved over to a blog, and it’s ALL FREE, YAY! There’s a tip jar over in the sidebar, if you are so moved.

For the written word- they are raw, unedited, proofread by computer. CopyEd types will probably find their eyes twitching. I empathize, but I can’t afford you…yet 😉
For the spoken word- They are as clean as I can make them with the equipment I currently have!

I hope you’ll enjoy. Thank you.